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Kevin O’ Leary Net Worth 2024, Bio & Wiki

He is also known as Kevin O’ Leary, is known as a successful Canadian Television Personality, Businessman, Author, and Politician. O’ Leary actually inspired by his mother who was also a businesswoman.

Initially, Kevin O’ Leary was fond of photography but later he followed the footsteps of his business-interested mother.

Kevin O’ Leary also founded a software company, “SoftKey” so he is considered in the co-founder of this company. After the progress of Softkey, he decided to sell the company with an approximately large amount and included in the list of Millionaire after its selling.


O’ Leary Net Worth 2024

~ $420m to $440m

O’ Leary AgeUpdate Later
Date of birth09/07/1954
WifeLinda O’Leary
KidsTrevor and Savannah

Note: His height is 1.77 m.

Real Name and Status

The real name of Kevin O’ Leary is totally opposite to the famous one. The real and family name of O’ Leary is Terence Thomas Kevin O’ Leary.
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Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Age

Kevin was born in Quebec, Canada in the city of Montreal. His date of birth is 9th July 1954.

Sources of Worth

Kevin is a Multi-Professional man and being a multi-professional man, Kevin O’ Leary Net Worth is also huge. He is an author, television personality, politician, and businessman. These professions are his sources of worth.

Parents & Family

  • Kevin O’ Leary belongs to an Irish family. The father of Kevin was a salesman by profession. His father’s name was Terry.
  • The name of Kevin’s mother was Georgette O’ Leary. His mother was not a businesswoman at the time of marriage.
  • As a salesman, Kevin’s father caught into financial problems and in the consequences of this, started to drink. As a result of a domestic quarrel, they divorced.
  • After the divorce, his father passed away and Kevin’s mother decided to start a business to run her family. Kevin has a brother named, Shane.
  • Kevin’s mother married the second time to the employ of the International Labour Organization, (ILO) named “George Kanawaty”.


  • Kevin O’ Leary developed his interest in business management, so he decided to continue his education in business management.
  • He completed his graduation from George School. After his graduation, he continued his studies at ‘Stanstead College”.
  • Kevin got admission to the University of Waterloo and got his degree in Environmental and Sciences of Psychology.
  • In the year of 1980, finally, to pursue his after taste in business he completed his MBA Degree from Western Ontario University.

Profession and Career

  • Kevin started his early career with an internship in Nabisco from Toronto. According to Kevin, this internship was a reason for a lot of learning.
  • He initialized a TV Production with the help of his two university friends, Scott Mackenzie and Dave Toms. They also founded a broadcasting company in sports, named “Special Event Television” (SET).
  • In 1986 he founded his software development company “Softkey” by keeping this thing in mind that computers are going to be cheaper and the demand for the software will be in the coming years.
  • In the year of 2008, Kevin founded a fund named, “O’ Leary Funds”.

Halston’s Personal Life

  • Kevin’s wife’s name is Linda and they united into a relationship in the year 1990. They also have been separated for two years.
  • Kevin has 2 kids, the one is Trevor and the second is Savannah O’Leary


Kevin O’ Leary is living in Toronto, Boston, with his family.


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