Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022

Jeffree Star Net Worth and Bio

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022

~ $200 Million

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Starr is a famous American singer, model, stylist, DJ, and make-up artist, who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles. He started his musical career with the already existing popular social network MySpace.

It is also known for its flamboyant and androgynous appearance. Jeffree Star presents itself as the (Queen of the Internet). He also launched his own cosmetics, which was simply named Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree Star Wiki

Career Model, Singer, Stylist, Makeup Artist, DJ
Height 1.85 m
Date of Birth November 15, 1985, 38 years old
Place of Birth Santa Ana, USA
Relationships Recently break up with Nathan Schwandt
Social Profiles Myspace Twitter Instagram Wikipedia

Jeffree Star Childhood

Jeffrey was born in California, USA. His father died when he was a child, so he often had to stay alone while his mother, who worked as a model, left to shoot.

He began experimenting with his mother’s makeup at a very young age. This led to the obsession and obsessive interest that Jeffree began to have for cosmetics and makeup. He persuaded his mother to let him paint when he was in high school.

He said: I realized that I was gay in my early childhood.

Jeffree Star Club Scene

He began his career as a makeup artist at age 15. At first, he worked in clubs and belonged to the category of boys called “ Club Kids ”. He used makeup, dyed his hair with fluorescent dyes, and wore women’s clothing.

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Of course, Jeffree star was the center of attention both at and outside the school. Popularity came to Jeffree in high school, which he began to attend in women’s clothing and accessories.

On weekends, he used fake documents in order to be able to attend Hollywood clubs. At the same time, he put on mini-dresses and shoes with nine-inch heels.

Makeup artist, modeling work, popularity on the Internet

Jeffree Star has worked with many celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Nicki Minaj, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Davy Havok (lead singer of AFI ).

He got his first fan when he started posting his own provocative photos on online forums and later on MySpace. As a gift from the site, he received many prizes, including expensive cameras, with which he could take more and more photos.

On August 1, 2006, Frontiers Magazine was released, Jeffree Star was on the cover of this magazine. Also in 2006, Jeffree became a member of numerous fashion shows.

He has starred in several music videos. Among them is the Good Charlotte music video for the song The River, Godhead Push, and One Love by Aiden.

Fame on MySpace

Jeffree Star used the popular social networking website MySpace. He also posted posts on MySpace about his life and left various comments in which he wrote about his own beauty and fame.

Using the Cunt nickname that got everyone’s attention, Jeffree Star gained a large number of fans on several sites and convinced many people to join him on MySpace.

By October 2007, his profile had more than 632,000 friends, and each new photo gained about 50,000 comments. In November 2006, he was recognized as MySpace’s most popular personality.

Vlog on

In addition to MySpace, Jeffree Star is registered on the site, which combines the capabilities of a photoblog and a video blog.

He often holds various competitions there. He also constantly updates the section with video recordings, among which there are reviews of musical innovations, publishes news on releases of his own songs, and also describes interesting events from life.

YouTube Fame

Jeffree Star plunged into the era of media space, and at the same time, it became much easier to show himself to the world. After the first wave of video blogger popularity, he began uploading new videos to his old channel.

To this day, it publishes weekly videos about makeup techniques, the art of beauty, relationships with a boyfriend, and other popular topics.

There are more than 17,000,000 followers on Jeffree’s YouTube channel, over 12,000,000 Instagram followers, and his popularity is growing rapidly again.

Business, its own line of cosmetics

In 2015, Jeffree launched his line of cosmetics Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which is one of the most popular and best-selling in the world.

Musical Career

Jeffree’s musical career in electronics and hip-hop began when he became friends with drummer Peaches, who inspired him to create music.


Jeffree Star was also in the spotlight after he began publicly announcing his relationship with Instagram star Nathan Schwandt. The star announced that he is bisexual and is currently in a very close love relationship with Nathan.

Net Worth of Jeffree Star in 2022

Jeffree Star NetWorth ~ 200 Million USD
Jeffree Star Age 38 Years Old
Family status Not Married
Place to Live USA
Net Worth Sources Singer, DJ


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  1. Jeffree Star was born to Jeffrey L. Steininger and Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger in Orange County, California. Celebrity Net Worth, Star’s income from his Youtube channel, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and his other investments are estimated to be $200 million.

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