Jeffree Star Net Worth 2021

Jeffree Star Net Worth and Bio

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2021 ~ $80 Million Who is Jeffree Star? Jeffree Starr is a famous American singer, model, stylist, DJ and make-up artist, who lives in a suburb of Los Angeles. He started his musical career with the already existing popular social network MySpace. It is also known for its flamboyant and androgynous […]

Penn Badgley Net Worth 2021

Penn Badgley Net Worth

Penn Badgley Net Worth 2021 ~$8 million From the entertainment industry, Pen Badgley earned $8 million. From his movie The Young and the Restless, he earned $25,000. From movies Do-Over, The Mountain, and The Bedford Diaries, he earned $75,000. Badgley Net worth 2021 ~$8 million Badgley Net worth 2020 ~$5 million Badgley Net worth 2019 […]

Blake Lively Net Worth 2021

Blake Lively Net Worth

Blake Lively Net Worth/Salary/Source of Income Blake’s lively breakthrough role as Bridget in the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants earned over $42 million in the worldwide box office. She earned $60,000 per episode from the hit CW series Gossip Girl. Lively Net Worth 2021: ~$30 million Lively Net Worth 2020: ~$20 million Lively Net Worth 2019: […]

Ryan Reynold Net Worth 2021

Ryan Reynold Net Worth

Ryan Reynold Net Worth 2021 ~$150 million Ryan Reynold’s box office mojo and keen business interest have led him to double his assets from $75 million to the current Net worth of $150 million. He is the second-highest-paid actor after Dwayne. Ryan Reynold made $10 million from TV serials and movies. He grossed $783 million […]