Gordon Vayo Net Worth

Gordon Vayo Net Worth 2024

~ $60 million to $75 million

Who is Gordon Vayo?

Gordon Vayo is known as a renowned Poker Player from America. He has been the winner of many national and International Poker championships. He is included among the millionaire poker players. Absolutely you are curious about Gordon Vayo’s Net Worth. So here we are going to expose the facts and realities of Gordon Vayo’s life.


Net Worth of Gordon Vayo~ $60 million to $75 million
Gordon Vayo HometownCalifornia
Born On1988
Place to LiveUSA
Net Worth SourcesPoker Player
CollegeBloomfield College

Real Name and Status

The real and family name of Gordon is Gordon Vayo. He is still alive in January 2020.

Early Life

  • The story of Gordon Vayo is full of tragedy and he faced many difficulties and troubles in his early life. He was learning and earning well in high school.
  • He was fond of playing Hooky games online, after his inspiration from a television show, “World Series”.
  • Some say that he has been a member of the secret poker online games at the age of 17 as his motivation to earn more.

 Family and Parents

He was born to musician parents in Bloomington, Illinois, the United States of America. There is not a piece of authentic information about his parents.

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His parents preferred to skip his school on the basis of his big earnings at just the age of 17 which was double that of his parents.

Sources of Worth

Being a professional poker player for different casinos and online poker competitions. His profession as a poker player is his source of worth.

Profession and Career

  • By the profession of Gordon Vayo, he is a poker player and he started his career at just the age of high school.
  • He started his professional career at the age of 17. He has been a member of the Online Poker Players Competition.
  • At that age he was making money more than his parents, so his parents decided to skip school to make it helpful in competition.
  • His parents were much impressed when he bought his first BMW at just the age of 18. He also rented an apartment for his parties.
  • When he was about to complete his graduation he was expelled from his college for not attending his classes.
  • He decided to start his profession in poker games to attain a shining future. He moves to Europe and gave a large bet.
  • Gordon started his big game in Barcelona and grabbed a good big amount.
  • Together with his friend, he was almost untouchable, by other players. He was gathering huge scoring in his poker games in different cities. At one point he made around about 700000 US Dollars in a few days.
  • He had made significant earnings from different casinos, like Monte Carlo and Casino Royale.


Gordon Vayo completed high school in Bloomfield, Illinois. He was about to get his graduate degree in Bloomfield College, when the college principal, expelled him for his continuous absence from class. He could not continue his studies after this mishap.

Personal Life

He is still single and not interested in marriage or other personal relations.


Gordon Vayo is living in San Francisco to double his earnings.

Net Worth of Gordon Vayo

Approximate Gordon Vayo’s Net Worth is ~ $60 million to $75 million.

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