Charles Levin Net Worth Before Death

Charles Levin Net Worth


Charles Levine is an American drama actor who was famous for the perfection of his roles in different characters played in different Television Series. He has played the role of Elliot Novak in the drama serial “Alice”. In 1982 he played the role of “Eddie Gregg” in the “Hill Street Blues”.

He played this role for 4 years. On 8th November 2019, the United States authorities verified the death of Charles Levin in an accident.


What was the cause of Charles Levin’s death?

According to his son, Charles was, missing from 8th July 2019. At that time Charles was thinking about moving to his new house in the town. His damaged car was found on a road near Selma, Oregon.

The name of his dog was “Boo Bear” and he also departed from his life in the car. The authorities said that, after the car crash, Charles came out from the car and fell down by an Embankment of Thirty Foot. Finally, on 15th July the authorities declared the notification of his death.

Real Name and Status

His name is approximately the same as you know, it is Charles Herbert Levin. And at this time in December 2019, Charles is not alive. He has been deceased in a car road accident.

Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Age

Charles Levin’s date of birth is March 12th, 1949. He was born in the state of America, Chicago, Illinois. At the time of his death, his age was Seventy Years.

Ethnicity and Religion

Charles Levin’s ethnicity was White American. He also had American Nationality. He belonged to the religion of Christianity.


As Charles had been worked for various television series and reality shows, he had a charming personality. His height was Five Feet and Eight Inches. The color of his eyes was brown. He had hairs with Salt-Paper color.

The interesting element of Charles Levin’s personality was his Glamorous Smile that was a reason for the attraction for his fans.

Sources of Worth

The sources of his worth were his profession as a drama actor for the two most famous television series, “Alice” and “Hill Street Blues” To work as a host on various television reality shows and his work in Hollywood Industry were also his sources of income.

Parents & Family

The information is still disclosed by the private sources of Charles Levin.

Profession and Career

  • Charles Levin started his career with the role of “Eliot Novak” in the drama series of “Alice”, which was the start of Stardom’s journey for his career.
  • In the year 1982, he got his fame from the role of “Eddie Gregg” in the series of “Hill Street Blues”. He ended his role in 1986.
  • He also got his popularity by the role of “Mohel” in the series of “The Bris” by its different episodes.
  • To work as a television host in the reality shows of “The Facts of Life” ‘Murphy Brown’’ and “Night Court” were also part of his profession and career.
  • The interesting thing about Charles Levin is that he had his scope in the comedy shows, as a comedian in Night Court and the program of Seinfield.

Married Life, Wife and Kids

  • The name of Charles Levin’s wife was Katherine Dehetre. They had three kids, named Kate Levin, Jesse Levin, and Ben Levin.
  • The couple was spending a happy life until 20007. This year Charles lost his wife in an accident in the state of “Los Angeles”. The sexual relationship with Charles was natural.


Before his death, he was living in Grants Pass, Oregon, and the United States of America.

Charles Levin Net Worth Before Death?

  • Charles Levin’s Net Worth is still investigating. But we are going to expose it. In 2018 his approximate net worth was $100000-$1000000 US dollars.
  • In the year of 2019, Charles Levin’s Net Worth was One Million US Dollars.



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