Dave Portnoy Net Worth 2022

Dave Portnoy Net Worth

Dave Portnoy Net Worth/Salary/Total Assets

Here you can find Dave Portnoy’s net worth, salary, income source, etc.

Net Worth in 2018:

 £10m USD

Net Worth in 2019:

 £15m USD

Net Worth in 2020:

 £20m USD

Net Worth in 2021:

~ £25m USD

Net Worth in 2022:

~ £28m USD


Dave Portnoy is the most famous name in business as he is a founder of Barstool sport. He is not only a businessman but a multi-talented person that contributes as a podcast host, a blogger, and in many other fields.

Dave Portnoy got famous for his idea of converting a newspaper into a new form of media. He loved by many people all around the world because of the entertainment he provides and the sports news he gives people.

The most amazing fact about Dave Portnoy is that he started his career from scratch and now he is being known and loved by many.


Early life

Dave Portnoy was born in Swampscott on 22 March 1997. He had his schooling from Swampscott as well. The most interesting part of his early life is that ESPN’s Todd McShay was from the same school.

In his early life, he became a very good baseball player, but he stopped playing baseball due to his arm injury. After schooling, he completed his graduation in education at the University of Michigan.


Dave Portnoy is very famous and loved. In his career, until now he awarded many names that include El Pres, Pres, El Presidente, and Davey Pageviews. With time, more new names for Dave Portnoy were expected.


The journey of Dave Portnoy is very interesting. He started his career from the bottom and now he is touching the sky. After completing college, he worked in the sales department of a company named Yankee Group.

But Dave Portnoy was not ready to set for less and come up with the idea, the idea of publicizing sports news and betting advice.

Sports gambling was not only his profession but also his passion that later got the shape of the famous empire the Barstool sport. After struggling with this idea, he launched its website in 2007, which become known in a short period.

Then he started spreading his business to other areas that include New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. In 2016 barstools 51% of stocks were purchased by Erika Nardini. Selling the stocks to Erika proved beneficial for both as they worked better and bigger afterward as a team.

Personal Details

Although Dave Portnoy does not like to disclose his personal life and details to the media, we know he was in love with Renee Satterthwaite. They both got married in 2009 in a private ceremony.

Eight years after they got married Dave Portnoy made an announcement that they are separating. The reason behind their separation is still unknown because Dave Portnoy keeps his personal life personal.

Dave Portnoy’s Net worth in 2022?

  • £28

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