Pernell Whitaker Net Worth Before Death

Pernell Whitaker Net worth

 Pernell Whitaker Introduction

Pernell Whitaker was a professional boxer and he remains in the boxing field from the year 1984 to 2001. He was an American based boxer and worked as a boxing trainer.

From the year 1993 to 1997, he ranked as the precise active boxer worldwide by the Ring.

He was stated as a four-weight world champion and won titles in the lightweight category. In the World Championship of the year 1982, he was awarded a silver medal in the division of lightweight.

He also holds the title of the best defensive boxers of all time because of the accurate defensive strategy he adopted while competing in a match.

He gets retired from the competing field in 2001 and joined the field of a boxing trainer. In the year 2002, he ranked by the Ring 10th in their list of “hundred greatest fighters for the last 80 years”.

Pernell Whitaker later introduced in the International Boxing Hall of the Fame.


Pernell Whitaker Personal Life

Pernell Whitaker was born on Jan 2, 1964, in Virginia. He was the son of Raymond Whitaker and his wife was Novella. Pernell Whitaker also had two siblings a brother and a sister.

Pernell Whitaker had an emerging amateur boxing career that started at the age of 9 years. He has a total number of 214 fights in which he would be able to win 201 fights, 91 of which were knockouts.

Pernell Whitaker Nickname

In the early days of his childhood, he gets the nickname “Pete”. His friends and family used to call him by this name. When he started to enhance as a top amateur, his fans in the hometown used to cheer him up as “Sweet Pete”.

Pernell Whitaker Physical Appearance

He was a very handsome person having a general height, and a standard weight of 135 pounds. He was having normal black curly hair and dark brown eyes.

Pernell Whitaker Boxing Style

He left-handed boxer majorly known for his best defensive skills and then having a strategy of tough counterpunch.

His fans used to state him as the best counter attacker. He was not a strong or tough puncher, but he adopted a continuous lapse while making it difficult for his opponents to hit him with a solid punch.

Pernell Whitaker Died in 2019

Pernell Whitaker died at the age of 55 years on July 14, 2019. He severely hit by the car while crossing the road that causes the death of one of the greatest boxers of all time.

It was one of the notable deaths of the year 2019 where the world lost the best defensive boxer and trainer.

Pernell Whitaker Net worth At The Time of Death

Pernell Whitaker a professionally retired boxer and became a boxing trainer afterward by profession. Pernell Whitaker’s net worth was $250, 000 at the time of his death. He earned this amount of figure through boxing and boxing trainer.




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