John Cena Net Worth 2024

John Cena Net Worth/Earnings 2024

John Cena Net Worth 2024~ $60 million

John Cena is an American professional wrestler who was born on 23 April 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. He is also a television personality, actor, & former rapper. He has appeared in several films, including The Marine, The Other Guys, and The Condemned. John Cena has been one of the most popular wrestlers in the company. The world-famous wrestler and actor John Cena have earned $60 million. John Cena has earned $60 million from his career as a wrestler, tv and film actor & form rapper. He is one of the highest-paid male athletes in the world. He has won the WWE Championship 17 times. Read Also: Nikki Bella Net Worth John Cena’s net worth is $60 million.  He started wrestling on 5 Nov 1999. In this article, we will look at WWE star John Cena’s net worth and earnings.

What is the Salary of John Cena?

The salary of John Cena is

  • $10 million per year.
  • $833333 per month
  • $208333 per week
  • $29761 per day
  • $1240 per hour

John Cena Endorsements and Other Earnings

John Cena has been earning dollars in various ways over the years. He’s earned good money through endorsements. He’s also made earnings by appearing on television, and by being a part of movies.

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John Cena has been featured in different commercials for various brands. The one that is known is the Subway commercial. In this Subway commercial, he is seen eating sandwiches and drinking soft drinks. He has also endorsed Gillette shaving cream. The company also launched the product YJ Stinger, and he became its official spokesman. John Cena signed an endorsement deal with Pepsi and became the spokesperson for the drink Pepsi Max. He is one of the highest-earning celebrities. According to Forbes, his total earnings were around $60 million. He has made over $10 million per year.

John Cena Source of Income

John Cena makes his earnings by working at the WWE, tv & films. He is a wrestling superstar. His job is to entertain people with the stunts that he does during matches. A lot of people go to see these matches. You may be able to watch the matches on TV. However, there are two types of shows I’m WWE that you can watch on television. One type of show is called a pay-per-view. With pay-per-view, you will have to pay for the shows. These shows are usually only shown once. If you like wrestling, you may want to see the wrestlers wrestle each other in a tournament. There are also wrestling tournaments that you can watch for free.

The Career of John Cena

John Cena started wrestling in 1999. He was trained by Christopher Daniels, Mike Bell, Tom Howard, & Dave Finlay. John Cena made his first appearance at WWE ’99, which was held in Madison Square Garden. Cena’s first major achievement came in 2001 when he won the ECW Title. He won the World Heavyweight Title in 2002. Cena then won his second title, the United States Title, in 2003. His most recent achievement was winning the WWE Championship in 2004. At the beginning of his career, John Cena wrestled in WWE’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was there from 1999 until 2002 when he was sent to Florida Championship Wrestling. Then, from 2005 to 2008, he was in ECW, where he started to become a major star. He won the ECW World Title once, in 2006. He won the World Heavyweight title in 2008, and he won the World Tag Team titles twice, with Chris Jericho in 2006, and again with Edge in 2008. Then, after he was released from the WWE, he continued to work in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. He became the NXT champion in 2012. After he won the US title in 2014, he joined the main roster.



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