Jessi Combs Net Worth Before Death

Jessi Combs Net Worth

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Jessi Combs Net Worth

1 million USD

Jessica was a Multi Profession Woman active in different fields of life. She was a racer, social media personality, and also a show host. But her main field of expertise was racing, which caused her death. Due to a multi-professional woman, her monthly income was absolutely big.

According to an estimate, her monthly Net Worth was roundabout, $1 Million. No doubt. She had spent a luxurious life, as an outcome from different professions.

“The Fastest Women on Four Wheels”

Jessi Combs was an American racer, television personality as well as a metal fabricated. She was a fearless woman who earned remarkable fame in racing history.

Because these all things collectively, are associated with a woman, these are not usually found in the world, therefore she had a remarkable personality in media highlights.

Real Name

Her complete name was Jessi Combs, in the family name she was called Jessica Combs. Actually, Jessica is a “Hebrew Origin” word, which means, “God Gifted”. The complete meaning of his name is a God gifted comb to make corrections.

Birthday, Birth Place and Siblings

Jessica was born on 27th July 1983, in Rockerville, South Dakota. Her parents’ names were Jamie Combs and Nina Darrington.

She had three siblings, Kelly Combs, Austin Combs, and Daniel Theis. On the other hand, she also had two step-siblings, named Rebeka Hall and Arielle Hall.



Jessica started her early education at Stevens High School. After her early education, she got her graduation degree, from WyoTech, in the discipline of “Collision and Refinishing Core”.

Jessi Combs Profession

After her graduation from WyoTech, she enrolled as an internee student for a project. This project aimed to build a car from spare parts or scratch items.

She also known as a famous host personality on a television show. She hosted many shows, for different television programs.

But Jessica found her fame by a television show, “Xtreme4X4” where she hosted for four years. As her second hoppy, she found of the racing craze, beyond the limits of normality.

She had been participating in many racing competitions to get top positions as a unique racer.

Jessi Combs Marital Status/Kids

Jessica was not involved in a long term relationship with a single. She married her Co-Host, who accompanied her in a show, “Xtream4x4” that she hosted for four years.

But their marriage did not exist for a long time and ended by a rumor that she is Bisexual. Finally, she divorced.

The rumor about Jessica also observed by her past and Postdating History. She observed to be in a dating relationship with Chris Jacobs for a short time.

The time, before her death, she was spending his life in isolation without any relation, with any particular man. She liked to live in that way.


Her Physical Measurements and Appearance

Jessica was a good personality woman of a height of 5 feet 7 inches, with a handsome body-weight of 53 kg. She had beautiful blonde hair with much attractive gray eyes, which added exclusiveness in her personality.

Jessica’ Life Trends on Social Media

Jessica had been an active person on social media’s websites such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Her indulgence in social media was so intense, that she followed by the estimated, 212k people on her social media accounts. This popularity was due to her extra participation in multi-social activities as a courageous woman.

Death, Cause, and Funeral

Extremely Jessica was a brave and fearless woman, whose life was full of adventurous racing experiences. She had a life with rich zeal and confidence which most women lack.

But unfortunately on, 27th Aug 2019, while trying to make a high-speed record, on a High-Speed Jet Car, she got a victim of An Accidental Crash. She was really brave heart woman, who wanted to achieve heights of stars, but her dreams turned into dust before the planning of fate.

Jessica’s Funeral Ceremony and funeral site are still unexposed because her parents denied sharing any information related to Jessica’s funeral.

This is complete information/biography & Jessi Combs Net Worth. If you have any questions/suggestion please share in the comments section.

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