Doug Coe Net Worth Before Death

doug coe net worth

Doug Coe Net Worth At the Time of Death

  • $8m USD


He had been the leader of a great politically influenced religious organization, “The Fellowship”. This was a secret organization with religious concerns that had strong relations with American politicians.

Real Name and Status

The real name of Doug was Douglas Coe. At this time in November 2019, he is not alive. He has passed away on 21st February 2017.

Date of Birth, Date of Death, Place of Birth, and Age

Doug Coe was born in Medford, Oregon, the United States of America on 20th October 1928. At the time of his death, he was 89 years old.

Sources of Worth

  • Doug Coe had been indifferent professions in his life, but the major concern of his life and professional always had been with the religious groups.
  • Some of these religious groups were secret and did not assure their appearances.
  • The initial job of Doug Coe was not much giving but was a source of worth.
  • The post of Assistant Director in ICL and employments in other religious organizations were his major sources of worth.

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  • Doug Coe graduated in a Bachelor of Science from Willamette University.
  • During his study in the college, he associated himself with an American Educator and Politician “Mark O. Hatfield”.
  • During his college life, he started to involve in different religious organizations.

Parents & Family

  • Doug Coe’s father’s name was Milton Evans from Medford Oregon.
  • The name of his mother was Loda Helene Coe. He adopted his second name Coe by his mother because his mother had unique importance in his life.

Profession and Career

  • During his academic times of college, Doug Coe involved in religious organizations and movements such as “Young Life”.
  • The Young Life was a religious organization that had been started by a minister Jim Rayburn, in 1941. The origin of this organization is Dallas, the Texas state of America. He has been a part of this organization and operated all across the world on different issues.
  • In 1958, Abraham Vereide the founder of International Christian Leadership started that religious organization. Doug Coe also has been worked as an employee in that organization.
  • The initial job of Doug Coe in International Christian Leadership was as a Clerical Employee, but in 1963 he appointed as the Assistant Director of this organization and worked accompanied by Abraham Vereide and other famous personalities, such as Clifton Robinson and Richard C. Halverson,
  • Doug Coe also had been a member of a Planning Committee in the interest of National Student Leadership, for the improvement of their moral and faith values.

Personal Life, Marriage, Kids and Hidden Facts

  • The name of Doug Coe’s wife is Jan Coe and they had lived a happy life of 68 years.
  • They had five children. The names of their children are Timothy, David, Debbie, Paula, and Becky. These all married and have several kids.
  • Do you know that? The sixth son of the couple Jon died, when Doug Coe married to his 1st wife, Lisa Coe.
  • Lisa Coe the 1st wife of Doug died in 1985.


At the time of his death, he was living in Washington DC, in the United States of America.



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