Amalia Mendoza Biography, Wiki, Birthday, Death Cause, Death Anniversary, Full Name, Albums and Songs, Movies

Amalia Mendoza Net Worth, Wiki, Birthday, Death Cause, Death Anniversary, Full Name, Albums and Songs, Movies

In this article, we will explore the net worth, profession, and wiki of Amalia Mendoza. Her brother’s name was Juan Mendoza.


Amalia Mendoza Garcia was an actress and singer from Mexico. She was born on July 10, 1923. Amalia died on June 11, 2001.

Wiki Of Amalia Mendoza

Amalia Mendoza Net WorthUpdate Soon!
Full name Her full name was Amalia Mendoza Garcia
Nickname Her nickname was La Tariacuri
Country She was from Mexico
Occupation Actress and singer
DOBHer DOB was July 10, 1923
BPHer BP was Huetamo de Nurez Michoacan, Mexico
Age Before DeathHer age was 77 years.
Date of DeathHer DD was June 11, 2001
DPHer DP was Mexico City, Mexico
Amalia’s instrumentsVocals
Amalia’s labelsRCA Victor

Amalia’s Career Before Death

Amalia received her nickname from the leader of Purepecha People. Her nickname was Tariacuri. This nickname was already used in the musical group of her brother (Trio Tariacuri).

She also made a duo with her sister name Perla. Amalia gained fame as a solo singer. She has begun her career by singing on a radio station named XEW in the year of 1954.

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Amalia almost recorded about thirty-six albums. Amalia also got the Macuilxochiti award for the best female singer in ranchera music in the year 1962. She died twenty-five days before her seventy-eight birthday.

Amalia’s Discography

  1. Amalia’s album name La Tariacuri was released in the year of 1958.
  2. She released her album name La Tariacuri 2 in the year of 1959.
  3. In 1960, she released her new album name La Tariacuri 3.
  4. Amalia’s album name Boleros con Amalia Mendoza was released in 1962.
  5. She released her album name Las tres senores in the year of 1995 along with Lucha Villa and Lola Beltran.

Amalia’s Filmography

  1. Amalia played the role of singer in a movie name Vivir a todo dar in 1956.
  2. She again worked as a singer in the movie name Mi influyente Mujer in 1957.
  3. Amalia was also part of the movie name Una cita de amor in 1958 and her role name is Genoveva.
  4. In 1961, she also worked in the movie name Los Laureles and played the role of Dona Leonor.

When was the Death Anniversary of Amalia Mendoza?

Amalia Mendoza’s death anniversary celebrates on the 11th of June every year by her family and fans for her mercy.

When was the birthday of Amalia Mendoza Celebrated by Her Fans?

Her fans celebrate her birthday on July 23 every year. They pray for her mercy and put flowers on her grave.

Amalia Mendoza’s Cause of Death

Amalia Mendoza was a Mexican singer. She died due to lung Paralyzing Disease.

Amalia Mendoza’s Songs

Amalia Mendoza sag many songs but some of her famous songs were as follows.

  1. Amarga Navidad
  2. Punalada Trapera
  3. Les idoles de la musique mexicaine: Am…
  4. La Flor De La Canela
  5. Fernando Allende……..para Ti
  6. La Tariacuri – Songs of Mexico
  7. Amalia Mendoza Interpreta a Gabriel Ruiz
  8. 15 Grandes Exitos De Amalia Mendoza
  9. Mariachi y Sones Jaliacienses
  10. La Tariacuri
  11. Duo Tariacuri


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