Paul Martin Net Worth 2022, Wiki, Bio, Spouse, Kids, Party, Books, Education

Paul Martin Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Spouse, Kids, Party, Books, Education

In this article, we will explore the net worth, profession, and wiki of Paul Martin. Paul Martin is a politician from Canada. He was born on 28 August 1938. He served his country as the twenty-one prime minister of the country from 12 December 2003 to 6 February 2006.

Paul Martin Net Worth 2022

  • ~ $20m

Wiki Of Paul Martin

Full name His full name is Paul Martin
Occupation He is a politician
Country He is from Canada
DOB His DOB is 28 August 1938
BP His BP is Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Age His age is 84 years old
A political party of Paul Martin His political party name is Liberal
Marital status He is married
Wife name His wife’s name is Sheila Cowan
Children name Three
Paul’ father’s name His father’s name is Paul Martin Sr.
Paul’s mother’s name His mother’s name is Eleanor Alice Adams
Website His website name is

Early Life Of Paul Martin

Paul’s father’s name was Paul Martin Sr. and his mother’s name is Eleanor Alice Adams. His father served in the House of Commons of Canada. Paul’s father was also the Cabinet minister. His sister died due to Crohn’s disease on 20 July 2011 during her young age. Paul studied in a private middle school in Ottawa.

Paul received his B.A degree from the University of Toronto in 1961. He did his law at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law in 1964.

Business Career Of Pual Martin

As Part Board Of Directors

Power corporation had a share in the Canada Steamship Lines in 1969. He was appointed as the CSL on the board of directors on 2 December 1970.

As President

Paul was appointed as the president and also the CEO of the company on 22 November 1973. His company earnings had been hurt due to the 8-week strike in the Great Lakes in 1974.

Work In Public Office

Paul was elected as Minister of Finance in 1993. He was removed from the seat of the Finance Minister in 2002. Paul shared his interest in the CSL group with his three sons on 11 March 2003.

Paul had been becoming the PM of the country on 12 December 2003.

Political Career Of Paul Martin

As Candidate of Liberal Party Leadership

His party had been defeated under John Turner’s Leadership in 1984. Many of the seniors in the party looked towards some young faces to take leadership of the party.

Paul became a member of the Parliament in 1988 for Western Montreal riding.

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He lost to Jean Chretien as a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party in 1990. It was a bitter experience for Paul.

As Finance Minister

Paul was appointed as Finance Minister from the PM Chretien and by G.G Ray Hnatyshyn. He made many plans and much big budget. That had been lowering the economic growth very much. The economic growth was decreased by three and half in 1994-1996. He was also responsible for the debt-to-GDP ratio from a peak of seventy percent of fifty percent. Paul also became a member of the WEF in 2001.

Becoming the PM

Paul and PM of the country were both of them having some words exchanged in the office privately as due to the Pual run a cabinet against him in the Leadership of party in 1990. Paul hated his PM and was against him in every field because he made him retire.

In 2002, Paul left the Cabinet due to PM’s bitter words. He was replaced by John Manley.

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Paul was able to defeat his opponent name Sheila Copps and win ninety-three percent of seats on 21 September 2003. He was the winner of three thousand and two hundred and forty-two votes out of three thousand and four hundred and fifty-five votes.

Becoming PM from 2003 to 2006

Paul Martin became the twenty-one PM of the country on 12 December 2003. His father and also him both are served his country in politics. He became the PM of the country to fulfill his family’s dream. Paul Martin retained only the 50 percent minister from the government of the previous PM.

He and his party were affected by the report from the A.G Sheila Fraser on 9 February 2004. His fellow party member doing the corruption on 100 million dollars in his span of Government. This type of scandal affected the popularity of Paul.

Again Election In 2004

Paul and his party were now facing a new party named Conservative Party. This party was under The leadership of Stephen Harper. He gave a plan to hold the election on 28 June 2004 to G.G.

His opponent took the lead in this election due to Paul and his leader’s weak leadership.

So his party came into a minority situation in this election but Paul was saved his seat. Paul continues his government.

He is in Minority Government

Paul and his government faced many problems due to his Sponsorship Scandal. 1st test from the government of Pual was coming out in the Speech from the throne on 5 October 2004. In 2004, paul and the minister meeting agreed to raise funds for healthcare. He opposed the law of Same-sex marriage.

But the court allows same-sex marriage in the 7 provinces of the country and state.

Budget Of 2005

The budget of 2005 was presented in HC on 23 February 2005. They rise the issue of awareness for healthcare and also increase the budget for the Armed Forces. But the scandal from the past dropped the fame of his party. Mp Belinda Stronach left the Conservative party and joined the new party Liberal Party on 17 May 2005.

Appointment Of GG in his Government

Paul advised Queen Elizabeth 2 that give the charge of Michaelle Jean as GG. But due to some issues he advised was rejected. This issue died soon.

Paul’s Government Fall

The blame for the scandal that was reported from Gomery was soon clear on Paul Martin on 1 November 2005. He also gave blame to ex-PM for this kind of shit. But the ex-PM was soon cleared from this on 26 June 2008.

A judge gave the order to stop the coverage of the Gomery case onto the media.

The Conservatives party along with the support of the other 2 parties introduced some type of motion against a motion of no confidence against the government of Paul Martin. Soon this motion passed and the government was defeated due to this notion by the count of one hundred and seventy-one by one hundred and thirty-three. Soon GG gave the order to the held election on 23 January 2006.

Federal Election Of 2006

Paul campaign about the election on the different visions of Canada but his opponent has some different visions. He had some sort of corruption from his party members. But the previous Sponsorship scandal destroys his image in the people.

Paul did not put some strong election Campaigns.

Due to this, his opponent party won the plurality and support from the people. They won thirty-one seats and fall short of the majority. Paul’s party held his strong position in Ontario and had fifty-four seats out of one hundred and three seats from this province.

They only won thirteen seats out of seventy-five from Quebec. They got twenty-one in the 2004 election. His opponent got just ten seats in this area. Liberals won fourteen seats from the Western provinces the same as the previous 2004 election.

Supreme Court Appointments by Paul

Paul chose two justices to be appointed as jurists in the Supreme Court of Canada by GG.

  1. Rosalie Abella from 4 October 2004 to present.
  2. Louise Charron from 4 October 2004 to present.

Paul After Election 2006

Paul accepted defeat in the election on 24 January 2006. He submitted his resignation as the leader of the party. Paul also informed the GG  that he resigned as PM of the country every next day.

He left his seat as a Parliamentary leader on February 1.

Honorary Degrees Of Paul

Paul got an honorary degree of LL.D from Concordia University in November 1998.

He got a degree of LL.D from Wilfrid Laurier University in June 2001.

Paul got a degree of LL.D from the University of Windsor on June 14, 2007.

After this, he got many honorary degrees from many universities from 2009 to 2019.


When Paul Martin Celebrates his Birthday?

Paul Martin celebrates his birthday on 28 August every year along with his family and friends.

What is Paul Martin’s Net Worth 2022?

His net worth is over 20 million USD.

Who is Paul Martin Married To?

His spouse’s name is Charlotte Godfrey.

Where does Paul Martin live now?

He is living with his family in a beautiful village/town (Wiltshire)Seend.

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