Morgan Freeman Net Worth 2022

morgan freeman net worth

Morgan Freeman Net Worth/Salary/Total Assets

Here you can find Morgan Freeman’s net worth, salary, income source, etc.

Net Worth in 2018:

$180m USD

Net Worth in 2019:

$200m USD

Net Worth in 2020:

$250m USD

Net Worth in 2021:

$280m USD

Net Worth in 2022:

$290m USD


Morgan Freeman is a U.S.A based film writer and actor. He is popular for his marvelous acting skills in full of suspense and action movies.

Freeman has performed in several hits of box office including Robin Hood, Now You See Me, and The Dark Knight Series. He achieved fame by performing in the 1970’s children program The Electric Company.

He is famous for the wide voice he owes and he has also performed as commentator, narrator, and voice actor for several TV Series.

Morgan Freeman is amongst the 10 highest-paid stars of the box office as per the statistics of the year 2019 and owes an average of 71.5 million dollars per film. Here is the list of his kids:

Morgan Freedom Early Life and Education

Freedom was born on the 1st of June, 1937 in the state of Tennessee. He is the son of Morgan Porterfield Freedom and Mayme Edna.

His father Porterfield was a barber and died suffering from cirrhosis in the year 1961. Freedom’s mother Edna was a teacher and died in the year 2000.


Freeman was almost dead at the age of 16 years because of suffering from severe Pneumonia.

He entered the acting field and made his debut when he age 9 years old acted as the lead role in the school play. Morgan Freeman started his education at Broad Street High School located in Mississippi.

He won an award in a drama competition in his school. Freeman got a pass from his school in the year 1955.

Personal Life of Morgan Freedom

Freedom has a great passion for acting from his childhood but he also showed interest in fighter pilots. After graduating from school, he joined the Air force to be a fighter pilot.

Later he realized that this was not his ambition and started his career as an actor.

Freeman was having 2 extramarital children from his early life. Later on, Freeman decides to tie his knot to Adair Bradshaw on October 22, 1967, and they both decide to separate their path on 18th November 1979.

He then married Colley Lee on the 16th of June, 1984, and couldn’t move further and separated their ways at the end of the year 2007.

Freeman’s daughter from the first marriage, Edena Hines was brutally slain at the age of 33 in New York City.

How did Morgan Freedom Lose His Hand?

Freedom has his left hand paralyzed as he has been in a severe car accident since 2008. His car hardly hit and rolled and flipped on the road, he injured badly and loose his left hand in that incident.

What is Morgan Freedom Net Worth in 2022?

Morgan Freedom has managed to narrate and act in the super hit movies and TV Series. He got an Oscar award and Golden Globe award for his astonishing performance in The Shawshank redemption.

The Net Worth of Morgan freedom is roughly estimated at around $290 million dollars.






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