Madiha Kamel Biography, Wiki, Birthday, Death Cause, Spouse, Children Movies

Madiha Kamel Biography, Wiki, Birthday, Death Cause, Spouse, Children Movies

She was an actress & also famous for El-Soud ela al-hawia (1978) + El Bashayer (1987) as well as Bawabat Iblees in 1993. She was born on 3rd August 1946 in Alexandria, Egypt. Madiha Kamel died on 6th Jan 1997 in (Cairo) Egypt.

Madiha Kamel WIKI

Full NameMadiha Kamel
BirthdayEvery 3rd of August of the year.
DiedHer death anniversary is every 13 of Jan of the year.
AgeHer age before death was 49 years.
SpouseGalal Aldib
ChildrenHer daughter’s name was Mirhan.
MoviesAl‑Azwag Al‑Shayateen in 1977 + El‑Gaheem in 1980 + El Afareet in 1990 + much more.

Madiha Kamel Birthday 2021

The 75th birthday of Egyptian actress Madiha Kamel will be celebrated on 3rd August 2021, Monday. Google Doodle also celebrates her birthday every year.

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Madiha Kamel Movies List

Below you are going to explore the Madiha Kamel Movies List:

  • Battle of the Damned in 1969
  • Soleil des hyènes in 1977
  • Al-Azwag Al-Shayateen in 1977
  • El-Gaheem in 1980
  • The Smart Dumb Guys But Stupid in 1980
  • Slaughter House in 1982
  • Al-La’na in 1984
  • El Afareet in 1990

When Madiha Kamel Died?

Madiha Kamel died on 13th Jan 1997 in Cairo, Egypt.

What was the Husband’s Name of Madiha Kamel?

The spouse’s name of Madiha Kamel was Galal Aldib.

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