Madeleine Pickens Net Worth 2022

Madeleine Pickens Net Worth

Madeleine Pickens Net Worth, Wiki, Bio & News

Madeleine Pickens is the philanthropist and businesswoman of the United States. She is the Business Owner of many companies in America.

Madeleine Pickens is the Ex-Wife of millionaire T. Boone Pickens, Ex-Wife of Dr. Robert Richter, and the Widow of a Businessman named Allen E. Paulson of the USA. Here we will try our best to provide you the updated information about Wiki, personal life, and the Biography of Madeleine Pickens.

Madeleine Pickens’ Quick Facts/Wiki

Net Worth 2022 ~ $35 million.
Full Name Madeleine A Pickens is her current name but her name from her childhood is Madeleine Baker.
Date of Birth She was born on March 05th, 1947.
Birth Place She was born in Kirkuk, Iraq.
Gender Class Female
Career in Her entire career is in business.
Husbands She is the widow of Allen E Paulson, ex-wife of T Boone Pickens, and ex-wife of Dr. Robert Richter.
Relationship status She takes a divorce from her husband T Boone Pickens in 2012. Now she is alone.
Alive Yes
Children She has one child named Dominique Richter from her first husband Dr. Robert Richter.

Real Name and Status

Her name from her childhood is Madeleine Baker. But in some places, she used the name, Madeleine Farris. After marriage with Allen E Paulson, she used the name, Madeleine Paulson. But after marrying T Boone Pickens her name became Madeleine Pickens.

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She is still alive having the age of 72 years and 10 months.

Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Age

Madeleine Pickens born in Kirkuk Iraq where her father was working in an Oil Company. But after sometimes her family was shifted to England. But now her residence is in the USA. The date of her born is 5th March 1947. In March 2022, her age will be 75 years.

Sources of Worth

In the twenties, Madeleine Pickens remained working for Pan American airline. Then in 1969, she entered in Business field. Since that time, she is doing her own business. Her entire source of worth is coming from her business.

Early Life

She spent her early age with her father in Kirkuk Iraq. After some time her family left Iraq and then moved to England. Madeleine spent her early life in England and France. Then in 1965, Madeleine with her sister went to the Bahamas. In the twenties, she starts working in Pan American Airlines as an attendant of flight. In 1969, she entered the business. And continue her career in business. At this time, her entire source of worth is her business.

Profession and Career

Madeleine started her career from the job in Airline as an attendant of flight. Then in 1969, she entered the business field. She provides cabin service for jets and specific charter flights.

Then in 1988, she married Allen Paulson. They purchased the Del Mar Country Club in California in 1993. Where she construct the golf course.


At this time Madeleine Pickens is living in the United States of America.

Madeleine Pickens Net Worth 2022

She has a net worth is 35M Dollars.

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