Kate Beckinsale Net Worth 2022 Birthday Celebration, Wiki, Bio, LifeStyle

Kate Beckinsale Birthday Celebration, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, LifeStyle

Kate Beckinsale Net Worth 2022

  • ~$25m

She is an actress and British model from London, UK. Kate Beckinsale is famous due to her action and romance movies like Much Ado About Nothing & Serendipity etc. Her full name or birth name is Kathrin Romary Beckinsale & nationality is British.

Kate is the only daughter of her parents (Mother: Judy Loe and Father: Richard Beckinsale).

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Kate Beckinsale Birthday Celebrations in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

When is Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday in 2020?

Her birthday in 2020 was celebrated on July 26, Sunday.

When is Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday in 2021?

Her birthday in 2021 was celebrated on July 26, Monday.

When is Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday in 2022?

Her birthday in 2022 will be celebrated on July 26, Tuesday.

When is Kate Beckinsale’s Birthday in 2023?

Her birthday in 2023 will be celebrated on July 26, Wednesday.


What is the Age of Kate Beckinsale in 2020?

Her age in 2020 was 46 years on July 26, Sunday.

What is the Age of Kate Beckinsale in 2021?

Her age in 2021 was 47 years on July 26, Monday.

What is the Age of Kate Beckinsale in 2022?

Her age in 2022 will be 48 years on July 26, Tuesday.

What is the Age of Kate Beckinsale in 2023?

Her age in 2023 will be 49 years on July 26, Wednesday.

What is the Nationality of Kate?

Her nationality is British.

What is the Height of Kate?

Her height is around 1.70m.

Who’s Dating Kate Beckinsale?

Goody Grace, A Musician From Canada.

Are Kate and Pete still Dating?


Who is Kate Beckinsale’s ex-Husband?

Len Wiseman


Who are the Parents of Kate Beckinsale?

Here are the names of her parents:

  • Richard Beckinsale & Judy Loe

Who is Kate Beckinsale’s Dad?

Richard Beckinsale

Who is the Spouse/Husband of Kate?

Len Wiseman was the spouse of Kate from 2004 to 2016. They divorced in 2016 due to some critical issues.

What is the Name of Kate Son?

Her son’s name is Lily Mo Beckinsale-Sheen.

Who is Kate Beckinsale’s Daughter?

Her daughter’s name is Lily Mo Sheen. The father’s name of Lily Mo Sheen is Michael Sheen.


What is the Occupation of Kate Beckinsale?

The Occupation of Kate Bec. is Acting + Writing + Modeling from 1991.

What is Kate Beckinsale Famous for?

She is famous for acting in movies like Serendipity and Much Ado About Nothing. 

Modeling Career

Kate Beckinsale has occasionally worked as a model. In 1997, she appeared in the music video of George Michael, Waltz Away Dreaming. In 2002, she performed at the side of Orlando Bloom on a television commercial for Gap, directed by Cameron Crowe.

It appeared in a Coca-Cola Light commercial in 2004, directed by Michel Gondry. In 2009 Absolut Vodka announces a campaign for Beckinsale photography by Ellen von Unwerth.

Net Worth, Salary, Income

What is the Net Worth of Kate Beckinsale in 2022?

The net worth of Kate Beckinsale is 25 million USD.

What are the Sources of Kate Bec. Income/Salary/Net Worth?

Here is the list of Kate’s sources of net worth:

  1. Acting from 1991
  2. Modeling
  3. Writing

Kate Profiles

Kate Beckinsale Movies

Here is the list of top Kate movies:

  1. Much Ado About Nothing in 1993
  2. Uncovered in 1994
  3. Emma in 1996
  4. The Last Days of Disco in 1998
  5. Pearl Harbor in 2001
  6. Serendipity in 2001
  7. Underworld in 2003
  8. Van Helsing in 2004
  9. The Aviator in 2004
  10. Underworld: Evolution in 2006
  11. Click in 2006
  12. Vacancy in 2007
  13. Nothing but the Truth in 2008
  14. Everybody’s Fine in 2009
  15. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans in 2009
  16. Everybody’s Fine in 2009
  17. Whiteout in 2009
  18. Total Recall in 2012
  19. Farming in 2018
  20. Contraband in 2012
  21. Underworld: Awakening in 2012
  22. Stonehearst Asylum in 2014
  23. Absolutely Anything in 2015
  24. Love & Friendship in 2016
  25. The Disappointments Room in 2016
  26. Underworld: Blood Wars in 2016
  27. The Only Living Boy in New York in 2017
  28. Jolt in 2020

Kate Beckinsale TV Shows

Here is the list of tv shows:

  1. MTV Movie Awards in 1992
  2. The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles in 2014
  3. Underworld Evolution: Extras
  4. Rising Damp Forever
  5. Monty Python’s Best Bits
  6. The Widow in 2019

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