Jump Forward Net Worth 2022

Jump Forward Net Worth

Jump Forward NetWorth & Hidden Info

Explore the complete hidden information about Jump Forward company.

What is Jump Forward?

“Jump Forward” is a recruitment company for high school athletes that are being ignored by the school coaches.

“Jump Forward” provides a platform for young talented athletes to upload their sport-related profiles on Jump Forwards’ Official Websites. Therefore Jump Forward Net Worth is something big.

Who is its CEO?

Adam McCombs who has a renowned history in the field of Information and Technology is the CEO of Jump Forward.

Brian Duggan is a banker and a shareholder in Jump Forwards. He is delivering his services on the company’s economic solutions and services.

How Jump Forward Works?

This is an opportunity for ignored athletes in high school to utilize their talent through the process of recruitment. They can upload their sport-related videos, profile pictures, related documents, and your talent-related stuff.

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High School Coaches often visit the Official Website of Jump Forward to find a suitable high school athlete to be recruited by them. Really it’s a great and innovative platform for high school young blood.

Where Jump Forward is located?

As we know that Jump Forward provides the solution for high school athletes in the process of recruitment by school coaches.

And which are being visited to derive young blood talented athletes for suitable sport? The headquarter office of Jump Forward is situated in Chicago State, Illinois, the united states of America 60607.

What is Jumps Forward’s Annual Revenue?

According to the official spokesman of Jump Forward, the online community of this company is making satisfactory revenue. There are around about Thirty-Five Employees are working with it but still Jump, it is intended to get more investment for its 50% Shares. The determined Jump Forward’s Annual Revenue is 4.8 Million Dollars that is continuously going to increase in 2020.

Jump Forward’s Social Trends on Social Media Websites

Following on Twitter

According to the given figures of Twitter, (Add the Twitter link of Jump Forward), in Aug 2014, the number of followers on Jump Forward’s Twitter Account was 1256.

But in the last five years, the number of followers has been increased by 59% with is 2095+ followers, in 2022.

Following on Facebook

According to the figures and official reports of Facebook Community, in Sep 2014, the number of followers on Jump Forward’s Facebook Account was 975 Followers.

In December 2019, after five years, the number of followers on Jump Forward’s Facebook page has been removed due to privacy reasons. But before this, the estimated number of its followers was 1008.

Jump Forward Net Worth & Competitors

There are top Ten Competitors are currently available in the market which is competing and giving tough time to it. Front Rush, Arms Software, Fieldlevel, Six0run, Brain-Train, Scout-force, Corgibytes, Tudor Collegiate Strategies, Contact-coaches, and “Captain-U” are the famous competitors of Jump Forward.

Competitors CEO & Co-Founder Annual Revenue
Jump Forward McCombs 4.8 Million US Dollars
Arms Mike Hurt 6.5 Million US Dollars
Front Rush Brad Downs 10 Million US Dollars
Field Level Brenton Sullivan 4.8 Million US Dollars
Scout Force ……… 3.4 Million US Dollars
Brain Train ……… 19.2 Million US Dollars
Corgi Bytes ……… 3.4 Million US Dollars
Captain U Avi Stopper 12 Million us Dollars
Tudor Collegiate Strategies ……… 10 Million US Dollars

What Jump Forward Offers?

“Jump Forward” belongs to the sector of Information and Technology. There are two different types of services, which Jump Forward offers to the athletes and coaches.

It provides the program and software solutions to the sports sector especially, the high school sports department. Some products and services are such as Compliance Tool Box, System Integration, Training Services, and Software Development.

Quick Facts about Jump Forward

  • “Jump Forward” provides technologies services in the industry.
  • The sector is IT related to Services.
  • It was established on 18 Jan 2008.
  • The official Twitter account page is (click here)
  • The Official Facebook Account page is (click here)

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