Jane Powell Net Worth, Wiki, Happy Birthday, Death News, Kids, Family, Career

Jane Powell Net Worth, Wiki, Happy Birthday, Death News, Kids, Family, Career

In this article, we will explore the net worth, profession, and wiki of Jane Powell.


Jane Powell is born In America on April 1, 1929. She is a singer, dancer, and actress.

Wiki Of Jane Powell

Jane Powellnet Net WorthOver $10 Million
Full name Her full name is Jane Powell
Nickname N/A
DOBHer DOB is April 1, 1929
BPHer BP is Portland
Occupation Cricket
Country Her country is OR
Zodiac signHer zodiac sign is Aries
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Jane Powell’s eye color Unknown
Jane Powell’s hair color Unknown
Jane Powell’s father name Unknown
Jane Powell’s mother name Unknown
Jane Powell’s brother name Unknown
Her sister name Unknown
Religion N/A
Martial status N/A
Husband name N/A
Social accounts Wikipedia

Early Life

She is born to Pual E. Bruce and Suzanne Lorraine Bruce. Jane Powell was taking the classes of dance when she was less than 2 years.

Career Of Jane Powell

Her Contract With MGM

She made 6 films in her early years of contract with MGM. Jane Powell also sang a song for the president named Harry S. Truman on 20 January 1949.

She was also doing a show named as Two Weeks With Love alongside with Ricardo Montalban in 1950. She also worked with Fred Astaire in a Royal Wedding along with Peter Lawford in 1951.


Jane Powell also worked with the Howard Keel in the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In 1954.

She also sung a song named as (True Love) in 1956.

Her Work On Television

She worked regularly on Television in the years between the 1950s  to 1960s.

Jane Powell was the guest in a show in AUS. She also performed for the Nightclub act.

She playing many roles in the television industry.

In the 2000s, she was in the 2 television movies named The Sandy Bottom Orchestra.

The other movie’s name is Perfect Murder.

Later Years Of Jane Powell

After her marriage to Dick Moore. She was lived in Manhattan. She also lived in Wilton. Her husband died in 2015. She left her apartment in New York and sold it. Now, she permanently in Wilton. In 2003, she made her return to the industry. she was taking rest in 2011 for the 6 to 7 days.

Personal Life Of Jane Powell

She married 5 times and from 1st two marriages her 3 children.

1st, she married  Anthony Steffen. He was a former skating player. When he left skating. He starting his career into the Insurance broker. Noth of them got married on 5 November 1949 and separated on 6 August 1953. Both of them have 2 children from this marriage.

She married Patrick W. Nerney on 8 November 1954. Her husband was 9 years older than her. He was an automobile executive. Both of them have a daughter. Both of them got separated in 1963.

She played the National Anthem on Republican day in 1956.

She married her 5th marriage to a former filmstar name as Dickie Moore. Both of them married 1988 and they were never separated till the death of her husband.

Jane Powell’s biography was released in 1988. After, publishing her biography she was very excited for her biography wroten in the book. She was a wonderful woman in the 3 professions chosen by her.

On her eighth birthday, her husband and film-star hosted a party for her in New York. Along with her fifty friends.

When Jane Powell celebrates her birthday?

She celebrates her birthday on April 1 every year along with her family, friends, and people from the movie industry.


How many times did she got married?

She got married 5 times in her life.

How much is Jane Powell worth?

She worth almost 10 million dollars.

How much didi Jane Powell’s weight?

Her weight is 92 pounds.


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