Queen Latifah Net Worth 2022

Queen Latifah Net Worth

Net Worth History

Here you can find Queen Latifah’s net worth, salary, income source, etc.

Net Worth in 2019:

$60m USD

Net Worth in 2020:

$65m USD

Net Worth in 2021:

$70m USD

Net Worth in 2022:

$75m USD

Dana Elaine Owens

Queen Latifah is famous for her different professions, such as rapper, singer, television celebrity, and producer also. But her all professions belong to showbiz. Latifah has been work on the big screen of Hollywood and performed as the central character.

Queen Latifah’s major reason for fame is music and singing, especially rapping. So, let’s talk about Queen Latifah’s life but in a different accent. There we will also reveal the hidden facts of her life, which most of us hesitate to discuss.

Queen Latifah Real Name and Status

The real and family name of Queen Latifah is Dana Elaine Owens. Queen Latifah is her nickname. Her cousin gave her the name Latifah, in Arabic which means, Delicate and Sensitive.

Queen Latifah Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Age

Queen Latifah belongs form a Muslim family. She was born in Newark, Jersey, and the United States of America on 18th March 1970. She is 52 years old in 2022.

Queen Latifah Sources of Worth

Absolutely, the professions of Queen Latifah, are her sources of worth. The rapping, singing, TV hosting, and music production are her sources of worth.


Queen Latifah Early Life/History

The early life of Queen Latifah is completely different from other celebrities in that she started her career at a church. She started singing from the choir of Shiloh Baptist Church, Bloomfield, New Jersey. From her childhood, Latifah was much interested in, social, political, and humorous activities.

Queen Latifah gave her first performance as a local singer in the St. Anne’s Parochial School. This event was also was a reason for her fame and popularity among the public.

It will be strange for you to know that Latifah started her singing and rapping career from the Locker rooms and restrooms of her junior school. No one could imagine that this girl will be a famous rapper and singer in the coming times.

Queen Latifah Parents & Family

  • The parental life of Latifah is not so exposed to her fans, but we will try our best to share some unique and hidden facts of Queen Latifah’s family life.
  • Latifah’s parents’ names were Lance and Rita Owens. Latifah’s number was second in her brothers and sisters. She was only 8 years old when his cousin named her Latifah.
  • Latifah’s mother was involved in the profession of catalyst. She had to meet with singers and musicians to arrange the functions and events. Once she invited a famous Disc Jockey, called J Mark the 45 King in a school dance party. Latifah was inspired by him and started his career.
  • The basement of Latifah’s home was possessed by the musical instruments, where she and her friends usually came for entertainment.

Queen Latifah Profession and Career

  • Queen Latifah released her first, informal song, Home after a singing concert in the St. Parochial School, New Jersey.
  • In her early school, she founded a Hip Hop Music Band, Ladies Fresh with the support of her friend, Tangy B and Landy D.
  • In 1993, finally inspired by James, she released her professional album, Black Reign. This album sold approximately 5 million copies.
  • In 1995 Latifah’s Hit song N.I.T.Y caught the attraction of music lovers and achieve the highest position in Hollywood, after this release.
  • In the same year, she grabbed the Grammy Award for the success of the same song.
  • After a long time in singing [In 2009], she returned to the rapping field, with the release of a new album, Persona (2009).

Queen Latifah Education

Latifah got her early high school education from St. Anne’s Parochial School, New Jersey. Other information about her academic qualifications is not available.

Queen Latifah Personal Life, Marriage, Kids and Hidden Facts

Many rumors exposed the sexual relations of Latifah with others as gay, but she continually has been denied the blames.

In 2008 on a talk show, The New York Times, she said that I have no problem discussing a gay relationship but I have no concern with it.

Queen Latifah’s Residence

She is living in New Jersey but now she has the plan to come back and build her home in Newark with 14 Million Dollars.

Queen Latifah’s Net Worth in 2022?

The approximate net worth of Queen Latifah is 75 Million Dollars.

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