Piolin Net Worth 2022

Piolin Net Worth

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Piolin which is also known as Sotelo by his nickname has fame in the industry of radio broadcasting. His voices on various especially on animated series of “Kids Entertainment” have valuable prices in Hollywood.

He has been reported to do sexual harassment on other members of his radio staff like Cortez. Piolin’s Net Worth is another important matter for his fans. Here we will try to make the approximate updated information on the personal life, wiki, and Biography of Piolin.

Piolin’s Quick Facts/Wiki

Personal Name Eddie Piolin, Piolin Sotelo
Nick Name Piolin
Date of Birth 1st December 1972
Birth Place Ocotlan Jalisco
Gender Class Male
Ethnicity Hispanic or Latino indigenous
Religion Christianity but controversial
Career In Radio Broadcast, Hollywood
Famous For Voice Dubbing, Producer
Studio Piolin Radio
Radio Show El Show de Piolin
Wife’s Name                      Maria Luisa Sotelo
Step Father Lee Stephen
Allegation Sexual Abuse on Cortez
Relationship Married
Alive Yes
Net Worth 2022 $19 Million US Dollars

Real Name and Status

His real name is not the same as you know about him. He is a Hispanic or Latino indigenous man and his complete family name is Eddie Sotelo. The meaning of his name in Spanish is Tweety Bird. Piolin Sotelo is still alive in 2022.

Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Age

Piolin belongs to Ocotlan Jalisco. His date of birth is 1st December 1972. He was born at the same place where he belonged. His age is 48 years.

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Sources of Worth

Piolin is a multi-professional man and has different professions but in the same field. He is an author, writer, performer, producer and voice reporter. As a multi profession, these talents are his sources of worth.

Early Life/History

His early was not satisfactory in his native region. He wanted to move to another area to make a healthy earning. So Piolin crossed the border of the United States of America and moved to Mexico. At that time his age was only 16 years.

Profession and Career

  • Piolin started his debuted career in 2003 when he was cast as a radio broadcaster in “Piolin Por, La Manana Show”.
  • Piolin Por Show had a large market value according to the association of his economic financing with more than 50 markets.
  • In 2006 he had been included in the top 100 powerful personalities in the region of South California.
  • The Times of Los Angeles reported the scandal of sexual harassment by Piolin on his staff member Cortez. On 22nd July 2013, the “Univision Radio” fired Piolin from his job after the allegation of sexual abuse.
  • In 2013 he decided to launch his own Radio station “Piolin”.
  • He started his own radio show in 2014, “El Show De” for 40 different radio stations.
  • In the “Radio Hall of Fame,” he was also introduced.


At this time Piolin is living in Southern California, the United States of America.

Piolin Net Worth 2022

He has an approximate net worth of $19 Million USD.





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