Kellie Maloney Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Height, Spouse, Books, TV Shows, Children

Kellie Maloney Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Height, Spouse, Books, TV Shows, Children

In this article, we will explore the net worth, profession, and wiki of Kellie Maloney.


Kellie Maloney is a boxing manager from the British. Kellie was born in 1953.

Wiki Of Kellie Maloney

Kellie’s net worth Maloney’s net worth is 6 lac dollars
Full name Kellie full name is Kellie Maloney
Country England
Occupation Kellie is a Boxing Promoter
DOBKellie DOB is 1953
BPKellie BP is Peckham, London, England
Age Kellie age is 67 years
Marital status Divorced
Spouse to Tracey (div. 2015)
Children Three
Siblings Unknown

Kellie’s Early Life

Maloney’s parents are Irish. Maloney started boxing in School. Maloney became a chef but she continues to practicing boxing. Kellie also trained boxers and organized contests.

Maloney started a professional career as a trainer in the 1970s along with Frank Warren a promoter.

Maloney’s Boxing Promotion

Maloney and Warren both were split from each other in the 1980s. Maloney worked also in management. In 1989, Malone became the manager of Lennox Lewis.

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Lennox Lewis went to the top of his game during his promotion. Kellie also promoted the other 4 boxers and led them to success in winning many titles in the world. Maloney stuck with a heart attack while watching a match between John McDermott and Tyson Fury on September 14, 2009. Maloney was shocked after seeing the dead body of his friend Darren Sutherland during his visit to the hospital due to a heart attack.

Kellie was not able to attend his funeral.

In 2013, Maloney made her mind retired from boxing and went on to do it.

Maloney said that after her surgery of gender transplant completed and she will be returned to boxing again to promote competition in 2015.

Maloney’s Politics

Maloney took part in the mayoral election in London in the year of 2004. Maloney was under the criticism of the people about her comments on gay and lesbian people. Due to this, her campaign was failed in Camden because there were so many Guys. The chairman of the Gay Conservatives wanted to the resignation of her from the election as a candidate of the UKIP.

Maloney accused of being racist in the election of 2004. She accepted her behavior was unacceptable towards the guy community and comments about them. Maloney said that it was just a mistake during an interview with LGBTQ magazine.

In 2012, Maloney was resigned from the UKIP as a member. Maloney apologized due to his behavior made in the 2004 election by all of his members of the UKIP and also said that their community was not given the kind of respect that they deserved.

Personal Life Of Maloney

Maloney married over fifteen years to 2nd wife Tracey. Both of them have 2 children. Maloney has 1 daughter before this marriage to Tracey. They are now separated.

Maloney said that she wants to know as Kellie and went under a gender reassignment in 2014. The 1st man to shocked from this new is Lennox Lewis but he respected her decision. she completed her reassignment of gender interchange in 2015.

Social Accounts


Maloney’s twitter account name is Kellie Maloney. Her followers are 13.6k.


Maloney’s Instagram account name is Kellie Maloney. Her followers are 3508.


How much is Frank Maloney worth?

Frank Maloney is an ex-promoter of boxing. Frank worked for Lennox Lewis. Frank’s net worth is 6 lac dollars.

Was Frank Warren shot?

Yes, Frank was shooted in the outside of the Broadway Theatre by a shooter on November 30, 1989. This shooter was never caught.

Who is Kelly in Celebrity Masterchef?

Kellie is a sixty-seven years old trans lady. She was best known for her work as a promoter of boxing. She was the manager of Lennox Lewis from the year of 1989.

Who did Kelly Maloney use to be?

Kellie Maloney is an ex-promotor of boxing. Maloney was born in 1953. She was the manager of Lennox Lewis.

Where did Frank Warren get shot?

Frank was shooted in the outside of the Broadway Theatre by a shooter on November 30, 1989. This shooter was never caught.

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