Judge Judy Net Worth

Judge Judy Net Worth

Judge Judy Net Worth, Real Name, History, Bio/Wiki

Judge Judy is a famous personality of America, known as a family court judge, prosecution lawyer and the host of many television shows.

Judy is famous for his intellectual behavior and intelligent response to the prosecution’s cases, especially the cases with domestic abuse.

Judy got fame and popularity by her prosecution courtroom show, “Judge Judy”. This show was a major reason behind her popularity.

Because she was the founder of Open Courts, where she invites and make the prosecution on their regular issues. These open courtrooms, help the audience to understand the nature of regular, social and domestic issues.


The chance for the audience to observe the prosecution in their homes, made the “Judge Judy” show popular in the world, especially American people.

Real Name and Status

Judge Judy, is not her real name, it’s only the designated name of Judy which she gets by her show. Her real and family name is Judith Sheindlin. She is still alive in November 2019.

Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Age

Judge Judy was born on October 21, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York City, United States of America. She is 77 years old in November 2019.

Sources of Worth

Judge Judy is also an author of many books, on the parent-child relationship and moral values. Her professions, such as family court judge, persecutor, lawyer, television show’s celebrity and an author, are the sources of her worth.

Early Life

  • Judge Judy started her professional career from a cosmetic firm, as a lawyer, which she left after two years.
  • In 1972 she started her previous career again and after a few years of it, she was assigned a judge in the criminal court, in the Bronx’s family court.

Parents & Family

Judge Judy’s father’s name was Ethel Silverman. She referred her farther as “the greatest since sliced bread”.

Her mother’s name was, Murray Blum and she referred her mother as “a meat and potatoes kind of gal”.  She has three siblings.

Profession and Career

  • Finally, as a powerful post of Judge, she designated as the supervisor judge in the family court of Manhattan.
  • Due to her serious and good sense of attitude, she attracted the attention of common as well as media journalists. As in 1993, in an article in the journal of “Los Angeles Times,” she posted as “A Legal Super Heroin”.
  • In 1996 she published her foremost book, “Don’t Pee on My Legs and Tell Me It’s Raining”.
  • Finally, in September 1996, she started to host her television reality show, “Judge Judy”. This show participated greatly to make her more popular in the public as Judge Judy.
  • Judge Judy has been invited in many talk shows, such as “Saturday Night Live Nightline” and “Headliners & Legends”, etc.


  • She completed her high school from, James Madison High School, Brooklyn.
  • After her high school, in 1963, she got her Arts Degree major in government, from American University, Washington D.C.
  • Finally, she got Doctorate in Law, from Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, University at Albany Suny, New York.

Personal Life, Marriage, Kids and Hidden Facts

  • Judge Judy married her first husband, Ronald Levy in 1964and born two children, Jamie and Adam.
  • She divorced her first husband in 1976.
  • Judy married a second time to, a former judge, Jerry Sheindlin, in 1977 and ended the relationship in 1990.
  • In 1991, they remarried again, after realizing their misunderstanding.


At this time, Judge Judy living in New York City, USA.

Net Worth of Judge Judy

An expected net worth of Judge Judy is 400 Million Dollars.



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