How Tall is Rebecca Budig?

Rebecca Budig Height

1.55m (5 feet 1 inch)

Actress Rebecca Budig was born in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) on 26 June 1973.  Rebecca Budig is an American, and her spouses are Daniel Geller since 2000, Bob Guiney between 2004 and 2010, and Michael Benson since 2012.  She also worked on TV shows and movies. Her child’s name is Charlotte Jo Benson. The height of Rebecca Budig is 1.55m (5 feet 1 inch).

Rebecca Budig Net Worth

1.55m (5 feet 1 inch)

In 1993, Rebecca Jo Budig debuted on the television screen, as Michelle Bauer on the CBS drama Guiding Light. She achieved success with the role in 1996.

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