Fotis Dulos Net Worth 2022

Fotis Dulos Net Worth

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Net Worth 2022

Fotis Dulos Net Worth 2022 is 4 Million Dollars.

Real Name

Fotis Dulo’s full and real name is the same. But he got some titles by his activities and work. He got the title, The Builder of the Year by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Central Connecticut. He is known as the famous builder of his time.

 Birthday/ Birth Place

Fotis was born on August 6, 1967, in Turkey but grew up in Athens, Greece. Now he is a native and citizen of Athens, Greece.


Fotis Dulos started his school education at the Athens College of Elementary Education.

He continued his high school education from 1975 to 1956. After high school, he got his Graduation in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Brown University in 1989.

Finally, Fotis Dulos got his MBA, Finance, and International Business degree from the Columbia Business School in 1997.

Source of Worth

Fotis Dulos is basically a businessman and a builder. He is the CEO of Fore Group Inc. in Connecticut. His company is famous for building luxurious homes in the region of Farmington Valley and in other parts of the country.


His company has achieved different awards for its unique performance in Connecticut. So, his basic Source of Worth is his construction and interior company.


Fotis Dulos is known as a famous American Builder, who was much interested in the manufacturing business due to his elder sister. In a press conference, he claimed that I was in business due to my sister’s interest in the architecture of houses and designing.

Once his sister bought a house and I was responsible for its flourishing. I hired a builder for it and managed all the affairs. I observed that my interest in the building and management affairs was benefiting my sister. So, I decided to choose Builder as my profession.

Fotis started his professional career at Farmington Valley, as a builder and developer. He was also an expert in Real Estate and Remodeler.

He found his fame and money in a short time just after the start of his profession and had famous with special capabilities for his customers.


Fotis Dulo’s mother’s name was Kleopatra Dulos. She trapped in an accident, in September 2010, 9 years ago by a family employee. After death, he suspected that her death was a murder.

The Fotis Dulos also has a sister, named, Rena Dulos and she has been observed to protect her brother from criticism. According to her, the image of her brother is not presenting truly, but soon, after the case, everything will be cleared like a mirror.


In his early time, he was living Athens, Greece but in 1986, he moved to America and, now he is living in the United States of America.

Marital Status / Kids

Fotis Dulos married Jennifer Farber but unfortunately, their marriage could not remain for too long. Finally, He divorced his wife due to domestic conflict.

Jennifer was an American writer and blogger. Fotis has three sons and two daughters from Jennifer. After the divorce, the children were in Jennifer’s custody but anonymously, on May 24, 2019, she had missed and till now there is no news for her strange missing.

Fotis Dulos was arrested two times in the case of Jennifer missing. After her missing, Fotis claimed in the court to look after his five children, which were under the care of the children’s’ maternal grandmother.

According to court papers, Fotis had a girlfriend, named Michelle Troconis, who was also a reason behind their divorce. Jennifer had warned Fotis to cut out his relation with Daniela but he did not.

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