Emperor Go-Saga Day 2022 – 1st April

Emperor Go-Saga Day 2020 - 1st April

He was one of the good (88th) Japanese emperors. Go-Saga was emperor between 1242 to 1246.

What is Emperor Go-Saga Day 2022?

This is the day of the birth of Emperor Go-Saga. In Japan & some other countries, his lovers celebrate Emperor Go-Saga Day every year on 1st April.

Emperor Go-Saga Reign Era

The reign of Emperor Go-Saga started on Feb 21, 1242, & ended on Feb16, 1246.

Coronation, Predecessor & Successor

  • Go-Saga Coronation was on 19 April 1242.
  • The predecessor was (Emperor) Shijō.
  • Similarly, the successor was (Emperor) Go-Fukakusa.

When Emperor Go-Saga Died?

Emperor Go-Saga died on 17 March 1272 at the age of 51.

What was the Spouse/Wife of Emperor Go-Saga?

The spouse or wife name of Emperor Go-Saga was Fujiwara no Kitsushi.

House Name

The house name of Emperor Go-Saga was Yamato. Its also called the Imperial House of Japan.



The father’s name of Emperor Go-Saga was Emperor Tsuchimikado.


The mother’s name of Emperor Go-Saga was Minamoto no Michiko.


Here is the list of Emperor Go-Saga children names:

  1. Gaishi-naishinnō
  2. Ekishi-naishinnō
  3. Kakujo-hosshinnō
  4. Shōjo-hosshinnō
  5. Kōhō Ken’nichi
  6. Sōshi-naishinnō
  7. Emperor Kameyama
  8. Prince Munetaka
  9. Emperor Go-Fukakusa


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