Denise Nickerson Day 2022, Net Worth Before Death, Awards, Family

Denise Nickerson Day, Net Worth Before Death, Awards, Family

In this article, we will explore the net worth, profession, and wiki of Denise Nickerson.


She was a movie actress from the USA. She was born on 1 April 1957 in New York, USA.

Denise Nickerson Day/ DOB/ Birthday Celebration After Death?

Before the death of Denise Nickerson, she celebrates her birthday every 1 April every year along with her family and friends. Now after her death, the family members and her lovers celebrate her day for a good memory. In 2021, on Thursday, Denise Nickerson Day is celebrated by her loved ones.

Denise Nickerson Net Worth At Death Time

  • ~$5m

Wiki Of Denise Nickerson

Full name Her full name is Denise Nickerson
Nickname N/A
DOB Her DOB is on 1 April 1957.
BP Her BP is New York, USA
Age at the time of death Her age at the time of her death was 62 years
Occupation File actress
Country USA
Her height Unknown
Her weight Unknown
Her eye color Unknown
Her hair color Unknown
Her religion Christain
Denise Nickerson’s father’s name N/A
Denise Nickerson’s mother name Unknown
Her death date She died on July 10, 2019
Marital status She married 2 times
Husband’s name N/A
Social accounts Facebook



Early Life Of Denise Nickerson

She was born in New York on April 1, 1957. Her father’s name is Fred Nickerson and her mother’s name is Flo. Her parents were moved to Miami later on after her birth. She started to work in the commercial at the age of 2 years. She was also worked in a fashion show at the age of 4 years.

Her parents moved back to Coral but she stays in New York in an apartment given to her by the studio.

Career Of Denise Nickerson

In early her career, she made her way into shows by casting against Bill Bixby in The Doctors in the 1960s. her career got a major breakthrough in 1968 by joining the cast of ABC Daytime’s Dark Shadows against Amy Jennings. She also worked in a T.V film named The  Neon Ceiling.

At the age of thirteen, she got a musical show named Lolita, my Love during her stay in Boston. In this same year, she made her 1st appearance on the big screen by casting into a film named as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This movie was based on the novel written by Roald Dahi named the same name as the movie.


She also worked in a movie named Zero to Sixty in 1978. Denise Nickerson worked opposite Darren McGavin and Sylvia. She also worked on a T.V film this same year.

In the years 2000 to 2002, she completed her work on the T.V by taking place in the episode of the show named as, to Tell the truth. The casting of her movie was giving a party to all members of this movie named as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory in 2011.

Personal Life Of Denise Nickerson

She was met in an accident by a car in 1976. Denise Nickerson was in bed for eight months due to this accident. She got married to Rick Keller in the year 1981. He was died due to brain disease after 2 years of his marriage to Denise Nickerson. Her 2nd marriage is with Mark Willard in the year 1995. Both of them have a child. They got separated in 1998.

Illness And Death Of Denise Nickerson

She was in the I.C.U due to a severe stroke on her in 2018. Denise Nickerson was in the I.C.U for a  few months after this she was discharged by the hospital. She was in a coma in the year 2019 and after this, she died on 10 July 2019 in the hospital.

When was the death anniversary of Denise Nickerson held?

Her death anniversary is held on 10 July every year. Her family goes to church at these moments to pray for her misery.


How old was Denise Nickerson when she died?

She died at the age of 62 years.

How did Denise Nickerson die?

She died due to Pneumonia.

Is she dead?

Yes, she has died. She died in 2019 July.

How many times did she get married?

She got married 2 times.

When did she start her career in films?

She started her career in movies as a child actress.

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