Chris Childs Net Worth 2021

Chris Childs Net Worth

Chris Childs Net Worth, Wiki & Bio (The Basketball Talent)

He is known as a famous and now-retired basketball player from America. Most of the time he played on the position of guard. The controversy of his fight with other basketball players is especially have been associated with Chris.

Chris Childs played for different basketball teams on different seasons. His career is not associated with a particular team. His playtime with New York’s Knicks is a remarkable moment of his basketball career.


Chris Childs NetWorth 2021~ $2-$6 Million
Age in Nov 202154 Years Old
Date of birth20/11/1967
Weight88.5 kg
RelationshipUpdate Later

Real Name and Status

His real and complete name is the same as you know, Chris Childs. This is a possibility that the name is his self-adopted name because no info is available for his parents. He is still alive.

Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Age

Chris Child belonged to Bakersfield, California the United States of America and the same place is his place of birth. His date of birth is 20th November 1967. We are going to tell you something more about his day of birth that is Monday.  In 2021, his age is 54 years.

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Sources of Worth

As a famous basketball player, he has been played for, New York’s Knicks, New Jersey, and Quad City. His profession as a basketball player is his source of worth. In 2020 maybe, he is involved in the branding of his business. But he is not announcing anything about his current business.

Physical Standards of Chris Childs

According to the reported standards of Chris Childs’ physical standards, his height is Six Feet and Three Inches. The approximate weight of his body is 88.5 Kilograms. The color of his hair is dark black and on the contrary, his eye’s color is dark brown.


Chris started got his Higher School academic education form, the high school Foothill. At that time he was an active school basketball player.

In 1980, after his high school education, he enrolled in the university of Boise State.

Parents & Family

Chris still does not discuss his parents, maybe the reason is that he wants to keep this matter disclose.

Profession and Career

  • Chris Childs started his career in basketball, Thirty years ago in 1989.
  • After his first start, he got recruited in the team of Rapid City in the year 1990 and he associated with it for one year.
  • The recruitment in Rapid City did not keep long and he being played for five basketball teams in different seasons.
  • In 1994 he grabbed the award of Continental Basketball while playing with the Quad City basketball team.
  • In his career with the NBA, he has the highest points of 12.8.
  • The most rememberable time of his career is his play for New York’s Knicks.
  • Finally, in 2003 he was playing for New Jersey that was the peak success time for Chris Childs.
  • Chris Childs got his retirement, sixteen years ago in 2003 and goodbye to the basketball profession.

Personal Life

There is no info is available on his married or personal life. He is a much close person about his personal life.


He is living in New York City and the state of California. He kept on moving from place to place for his business commitments and other affairs.

Chris Childs Net Worth 2021

According to some reports and figures from different sources, the approximate Net Worth of Chris Child is $2-$6 million.

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