Byron Dorgan Net Worth 2022

Byron Dorgan Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Spouse, Children, Education, Parents, Profiles, Books

Byron Dorgan Net Worth 2022, Wiki, Bio, Spouse, Children, Education, Parents, Profiles, Books

In this article, we will explore the net worth, profession, and wiki of Byron Dorgan.

Byron Dorgan Net Worth 2022

  • ~$4 billion


Byron Leslie Dorgan is an author, politician, and businessman from America. He was born on 14 May 1942.

Wiki Of Byron Dorgan

Full name His full name is Byron Leslie Dorgan
Country America
Occupation He is an author, politician, and businessman
DOB His DOB is 14 May 1942
BP His BP is Dickinson, North Dakota, U.S
Age His age is 80 years old
Byron’s political party His political party name is Democratic
Religion Christain
Marital status He is married
Wife name His wife name is Kimberly Olson
Children Four
Byron’s qualification BS and MBA

Byron’s Early Life, Business Career, and Education

His parent’s name was Emmett Patrick Dorgan and Dorothy. Dorgan grew up in Regent, North Dakota. He completed his graduation from Regent High School. Bryon’s got his Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota. He completed his Masters from the University of Denver. During his early life, he was part of the Martin-Marietta corporation as a worker.

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Bryon’s Political Career

Bryon began his political career at the age of twenty-six. He became the Tax Commissioner of North Dakota due to the death of the previous Commissioner. Bryon was the youngest in the history of North Dakota to fulfilled this seat. In 1972, he again became the commissioner by heavy margins.

His future colleague in Senate Kent Conrad was worked in this same office before Bryon took this seat. He could not maintain his seat in 1974.

Bryon’s U.S Senate

Election of Senate in 1992

Bryon won the Senate seat in 1992. Senator Quentin Burdick died and his seat taken by Conrad by electing in a special election. Dorgan also re-elected for this seat in 1998 and 2004.

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Bryon’s Tenure

Dorgan was the most effective and powerful Democrats when he was the chairman of DPC. He considered “something of a liberal hero”. His comment about some political issues was sough on the national media during his last years in Senate. Dorgan was the opponent for an embargo of the U.S government towards Cuba. He passed out a Law that applied to the sale of medicine and food in Cuba.

Dorgan’s as the Chairman of Senate Energy Panel

Dorgan was the most senior member of the Senta Energy along with the Chairman of SEWAS. He was a supporter of renewable energy. Dorgan’s also helped to create the RFI with the help of RFS. He also did a Geological Survey in his hometown and about four-point and three billion barrels of oil were found out in North Dakota.

Work in Red River Valley Research Corridor

Dorgan was also a member of the SAC and gave funds to made an RRVRC to gave jobs of high-tech to this area. When this project approved by North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. This project has given many jobs to jobless people and started an economic opportunity.

Global Financial Crisis And Financial Regulation

Dorgan was warned due to the unregulated FD that would be an issue in SMC and GFC in 2007-2012 from the banks of the U.S on proprietary accounts. He was along with the other 8 that opposed the act of GS in 1999.

Dorgan given a backdrop against David Leonhardt and Credit Crunch from The New York Times caused an economic turmoil on 26 September 2008. He was also spoken about the coming economic fall during his speech in the Senate to Gave his response to President Bush’s package of economic stimulus.

Doran’s Additional Senate History

Bryon was one of the biggest supporters of net neutrality in the Senate and saw that it is very important to open the internet and democratic in the year 2007.

He was one of the opponents of McCain-Kennedy CIRA in 2007. Dorgan said that it was unfair to enter aliens illegally in this country in 2007.

Dorgan has voted along with thirty-nine Republican and twelve Democratic senates to opposed the act of HFSTH in the year of 2009.

He was voted for the approval of the eight hundred and thirty-eight billion dollars stimulus package.

Dorgan also announced that he cannot be the candidate for the Senate election on 5 January 2010.

His Work For Center of Native American Youth

Bryon began to make an organization work for the help of the youth of Native Americans just after when he lost his seat of Senate. He was also given himself about one million dollars for this organization CNAY. This organization used to help the Indians that lived in the U.S.A at that time to prevent their suicide, additional issues, and Provide them a good education. He also himself work as Chairman of CNAY with pay.

Bryon’s Personal Life

Dorgan married Kimberly Olson. His wife is an ex-Vice President in the American Council. Both of them have 2 children. Their children’s names are Haley and Brendon. He has 1 son from his 1st marriage named Scott.

Bryon’s Writings

Nonfiction’s by Bryon

  1. Investment Needs and Electric Infrastructure’s Transmission in 2003.
  2. Take This Job and Ship it written by him in 2006.
  3. The Girl in the Photograph written by him in 2019.

Fiction’ by Bryon

  1. Blowout along with David Hagberg in 2012.
  2. Gridlock along with David Hagberg in 2013.

Bryon’s Electoral History

Senate elections in North Dakota from 1992-2004.

  1. Bryon L. Dorgan won the election of 1992 by fifty-nine percent against steve Sadness. The 3rd candidate was an independent name Tom Asbridge got 2 percentage.
  2. Hw won his election by sixty-three percent against Donna Nalewaja in 1998.
  3. Bryon L. Dorgan won his election of 2004 against Mike Liffrig by sixty-eight percent.

Social accounts


His Twitter account name is Bryon L. Dorgan. His followers are 1813.


His LinkedIn account name is Bryon Dorgan.


His FB profile name is Byron Dorgan. His followers are 673.

When does Bryon Dorgan celebrate his birthday?

Bryon Dorgan celebrates his birthday on 14 May every year along with his family and friends.

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