Ami Bera Net Worth 2022

Ami Bera Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Nationality, Office, Spouse, Children, Education, Birthday

Ami Bera Net Worth 2022, Wiki, Bio, Nationality, Office, Spouse, Children, Education, Birthday

In this article, we will explore the net worth, profession, and wiki of Ami Bera.

Ami Bera Net Worth 2022



Ami Bera is a politician and physician from America. He was born on 2 March 1965.

Wiki About Ami Bera

Full name His full name is Amerish Babulal “Ami” Bera
Country He is from America
Occupation He is a politician and physician
DOB His DOB is 2 March 1965
BP His BP is Los Angeles, California, U.S
Age His age is 57 years old
Ami’s political party His political party name is Democratic
Marital status He is  married
Wife name His wife name is Janine Bera
Children One
Website House Website

Ami’s Early Life, Career, And Education

His father’s name is Babulal Bera and he was migrated to the U.S in 1958 from India. His mother’s name is Kanta. He grew up in Orange County city of la Palma. He went to John F. Kennedy High School during his stay at that place. His parents both are from Gujarat which is why he also understood Gujarati.

Ami did his B.A from the University of California at Irvine. In 1991, he got his degree from a Doctor of Medicine. He worked as MD in Mercy Healthcare for Sacramento from 1997 to 1999. Ami’s also worked as a clinical professor at the University of California Davis School for Medicine from 2005-2012.

Ami’s U.S House Of Representatives

Election Of 2010

Ami made a challenge to the Republican Dan Lungren in the general election. He spends more money than his opponent. Both of them tried hard to win this election. In 2010, Bera was defeated by Lungren by the percentage of forty-six and thirty-eight. Bera’s priorities were economic recovery, health care, and education.

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Election Of 2012

Aim was decided to have a rematch with Lungren in the election of 2012. AP announced the won for the Bera on 15 November 2012 with a fifty-one percent over Lungren.

Election Of 2014

Bera was again taking part in the election of 2014 against the candidate from the Republican party name Doug Ose. Bera was a member of the Democratic party and was considered as a valuable member of them.

The Hill published a piece of news that Ami received a donation from the parents of the other Democratic candidate named Kevin Strouse. Ex-advisor to George W. Bush’s name Mark McKinnon said about Bera that” Bera is an important member of their party to solve their problems”.

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DCCC has a plan to support Bera with 1.7 million dollars in 2014. He was down with more than three thousand votes but he overclaimed them all and Won by fifty point four percentage votes from his opponents.

Election Of 2016

Bera was a Republican member named Sheriff Scott Jones to face him in the general election. Bera defeated Scott by the margin of fifty-one percent over Jones forty-nine percent. An entrepreneur said that Bera was the 1st Indian-American to be elected in the election and proved his worth.

1st Indian-American senator name Kamala Devi Harris stated him as the ‘Godfather” of the Indian-American in Capitol Hill.

During his election in 2016, his father went to the prisoner for 1 year and gave a fine of 100,200 dollars.

Election Of 2018

In the 2018 election, he going to win with a lead of fifty-five percent against Andrew Grant a member of the Republican candidate.


Bera said in an interview that his 1st in the party was to build his name in Washington, D.C, and his main focus here in his district. He also stated that he would donate his 9 percent from his check to the organization in the district.

Bera’s Political Issues

Issue Of Health

Bera opposed the repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2013. He also voted and oppose the American Act of Health Care in 2017. Many of the acts cannot pass in which Bera opposes them.

Issue Of Syrian Refugees

Bera voted for the resettlement and betterment for the refugees from the country of Syria and Iraq to stay in the U.S on 19 November 2015.

Issue of Pakistan And Terrorism

Bera asked the Pakistani government to take responsibility for the terrorists and start for the destruction of terrorists in America.

Issue Of India-U.S Relations

Bera said in a speech along with PM Modi that it was the perfect session of speech for him and India was becoming a global partner and global leader along with the United States. He also said that he was shocked by the speech of PM Modi.

Issue Of Immigration

Bera also voted against the NSCA in 2017. It was stated not to cooperate with the federal immigration encouraging efforts and it was stated for the local municipal government.

Issue Of Taxes

Bera was opposed to the Law of TCJA in 2017 but Trump signed this law on 22 December 2017.

Issue Of Guns

Bera supported the Law of gun control. He also voted for it on many bills such as

  1. CCRA of 2017.
  2. Veterans 2nd AP act.
  3. SHARE act in 2015.

Ami’s Personal Life

Ami married to Janine Bera. Both of them have 1 child. They live in Elk Grove, California.

When Ami Bera celebrates his birthday?

Ami Bera celebrates his birthday on 2 March every year along with his family and friends.

Social profiles


His Twitter account name is Dr. Ami Bera. His followers are 3547.


His Instagram account name is Rep. Ami Bera. His followers are 667.


His youtube channel name is Rep. Ami Bera. His subscribers are 175.


His FB page name is Congressman Ami Bera. His likes are 24k.


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